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iVo Results start with a well written message, professional video spokesperson, and a concise energetic presentation. iVo Technology - bringing life to the web...
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Video Spokesperson Online Video Marketing

iVo Plugin CodeiVo Technology develops online video marketing commercials using a 3D website Video Spokesperson. iVo is 3D video spokesperson overlay technology designed to bring life and human personality to your website. iVo is a Plug-n-Play application for your site delivering floating transparent video advertising. iVo Technology is online video advertising using a live video spokesperson to engage a website visitor the moment they arrive on your site. iVo is designed for any business looking to achieve better results with their website, email campaigns, or overall online video marketing efforts. Your site conversions will increase once iVo Technology is implemented. iVo = internet video overlay

iVo Packages & Service Plans

We have iVo packages to fit every budget. Choose from our library of generic pre-recorded messages or choose a custom solution for ultimate name branding of your product or service. Pay-Per-Play (PPP) Annual Service Plans depend on your site traffic. You will see increased conversions results when adding a website video spokesperson to your web presence.

Online Video Marketing Core Concept

iVo Plugin CodeiVo Technology has revolutionized the way communication has evolved online. iVo is 3D website video spokesperson technology that overlays your website and creates a powerful first impression. iVo Technology user statistics show visitors watch, purchase, and click or follow the "Call to Action". Performance Before & After iVo

iVo will captivate visitors, allow you to deliver a powerful message, and ultimately increase your website's conversions. iVo Technology is a very powerful video advertising-marketing tool. iVo's video spokesperson technology has been known to increase website conversion by up to 300%.

iVo Plug-n-Play Implementation

iVo Plugin CodeiVo Technology is very simple to implement. You insert a small html code into your site and that's it, we do the rest. iVo Technology delivers superior clarity, size, and streaming of your video overlay to ensure your visitors will have an engaging playback experience. Plug-n-Play Application: iVo Code Instructions

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