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Video Spokesperson Technology Creating Christmas Shopper Buzz - Video Spokesperson Web Ads

iVo Technology is introducing the Video Spokesperson web advertising tool that has been creating Christmas Shopper Buzz. What is it, well let just say it's working! Buyers are purchasing online which is being attributed to the Video Spokesperson.

Dec 15, 2010 – So what is a Video Spokesperson? A Video Spokesperson used on the web in the form of iVo Technology creates an interactive experience for the shopper. In this case the moment that the Christmas Shopper lands on a website using the Video Spokesperson technology the Shopper is greeted by one of these human Video Spokespersons' telling them where they can find the best discount or special for the day.

How does it work? iVo Technology is the company producing these OVERLAY ads. You simply insert a plug-n-play HTML code and the Video Spokesperson walks out over top your e-commerce website. I recommend checking iVo out.

They are known for quick turn time on any custom orders. You can even shoot your own video with your own talent in one of their iVo Studio that cover all 50 states. Pretty Awesome technology especially when you see your own conversions rate go through the roof. Upwards of 600% increase. Staggering!!

I use it on my Website Design Company Nashville TN and it works to beat my competition every time! 5 stars.

Review by: John Hooper

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