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iVo Technology Encode

Record and submit your iVo videos in bulk quantities. The iVo Encode package is designed for larger companies, universities, and organizations who own and or operate their own Professional Video Recording Studio. The process is similar to the iVo Elite package except that the Studio costs and fees are not part of our production price. The Encode packages cover all editing and encoding of the videos once the Studio submits the videos to us.

Studio costs including recording session and any related fees are assumed by the owner or person purchasing the iVo encode package.

Encode Process / Availability

If your company has or operates a professional video recording studio and are considering purchasing the iVo Encode we need to get a little more information from you first.

  • Studio must first go through a free certification process [form]
  • Chroma Screen sample must be submitted from Studio
  • Studio is approved and ready to shoot iVo videos
  • Choose iVo Encode package by quantity & submit order
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