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How iVo Technology Works

iVo Technology is very simple to start using on your website.

  • iVo will not interrupt or rearrange your website in any way it simply layers over your site content.
  • iVo takes only minutes for your webmaster to apply. He simply inserts a small piece of “HTML” code we provide and that’s it, we do the rest!
  • iVo Servers host all iVo videos and serve the iVo overlay ensuring that the playback is optimal and instant. Your own website content will not be slowed in any way.
  • iVo logically finds the nearest location to the computer viewing the iVo and delivers the iVo video content faster, lowering any potential packet-loss or latency.
  • iVo can be set to play for certain time periods. Play the iVo only once per visitor, or once per X number of hours. This is only the beginning of options that iVo gives you!

iVo Helps Site SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always a major concern when trying to get your website listed and ranked online. Although you still must find ways to get people to your site iVo Technology can help in some incredible ways. So what does iVo have to do with site SEO?

  • Statistics show after iVo Technology is applied to a site that visitors stay longer, navigate deeper into the site, and frequent the site multiple times!

Anybody understanding SEO knows these are some of the major necessary ingredients to attaining a higher ranking. Search Engines are always looking for sites that have "Relevant Content" and the longer someone stays, browses through the pages, and returns to a site the more a site is ranked for your particular content. iVo not only engages your visitors it's a natural SEO booster which will ultimately help your site rank higher.


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