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iVo Technology Pro

The iVo Pro is the first level of customization allowing you to choose from one of our professional Spokesmodels to deliver your custom message. The iVo Pro is very cost effective and combines the power of a professional spokesperson and custom message. When using the iVo Pro you simply choose from one of our professional Spokesmodels, write your video scripts, and we do the rest.

Company branding is important to you and your business growth. When using the iVo Technology Pro you can achieve instant branding results by writing your custom scripts with branding rich content and certain catch phrases you may be currently using. Video Spokesperson Technology at its best!

iVo Pro Video Spokesperson Packages

Pro Packages can be purchased with different quantities 2 videos and 4 videos. The Pro Package gives you the choice of one of our Spokesmodels. All iVo video scripts will be recorded in one studio session. Scripts must be submitted to us before we schedule the video recording session with the Video Spokesperson. The video scripts can be used for multiple pages on your website or just one page that you may want to switch out the iVo video with a new video occasionally to keep the message fresh. The iVo Spokesperson can wear attire that matches the website and or a custom shirt with logo can be sent to our offices. Ship to Address: Straight Edge Marketing C/O Video Producer, 617 Potomac Place, Suite 402 Smyrna, TN 37167

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