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iVo Technology Products

iVo Technology products are designed to fit any array of your online video advertising needs. Adding a video website spokesperson to your website will automatically set your site apart from your competition. Identifying the right iVo product to use is important when creating a marketing campaign, or adding iVo to an email campaign. iVo has different levels of customization to fit your goals. Remember when using any of the iVo custom products like the Pro or Elite; be sure to write a very engaging and energetic script(s). iVo scripts are best, when kept to an average of 15-45 seconds.

iVo Pay-Per-Play (PPP) Service Plans

iVo Service Plans offer flexibility that will fit any advertising budget. We host the videos on our fast reliable iVo Servers ensuring your video is displayed quickly and does not bog down your own website server causing undesired results! All packages come with automatic setup of our BASIC monthly service plan of 1,000 monthly plays @ $9.95 per month. When more plays per month are needed you simply upgrade to the service plan that fits your needs. Once you upgrade, any previous monthly plan is de-activated. Pay Annually Optional.

iVo Technology Packages

iVo Classic: The iVo Classic is the fastest way to start using iVo on your website. You simply choose from our library of featured stock generic videos messages and your site can come to life within minutes. No production cost.

iVo Pro: The iVo Pro offers customization allowing you to choose from one of our professional Spokesmodels to deliver your custom message. The iVo Pro uses our professional spokesperson delivering your custom message.

iVo Elite: The iVo Elite offers total customization allowing you or your company’s spokesperson to deliver your own message in one of our certified studios right in your local area. The iVo Elite is you delivering your message.

iVo Encode: is only designed for larger companies who own and operate their own studio and who require bulk quantities of iVo video ads. Studios must always first certify before this package can be purchased. By phone only!

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