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iVo Technology provides customers with friendly online support.

  • If your iVo campaign is ready to update to a new video or you need your video re-positioned no problem, just call online support today!
    iVo Technology Online Support: 615-459-0444
  • You do NOT need to contact your webmaster in most cases. Once the iVo code is in place, most common adjustments to your iVo video can be made from our side. e.g. Position, Playback Frequency etc...

Online Resources

iVo Technology is displayed through Adobe Flash Player...

  • iVo will automatically try to install Adobe Flash Player if a viewer doesn't already have the player installed. Networks may prevent Auto Install.
  • Update and get Adobe's latest flash player here: Get Adobe Flash player

iVo Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does iVo Technology work for all websites?

  • iVo works on most websites. Some template sites do not let you access the html page source to insert the iVo code so in this case it would not work. e.g. some replicated sites.
  • Some websites load very slow due to poor site optimization, we recommend to first have your webmaster fix slow loading issues, and then install the iVo code.
  • Some sites are all Flash this is NOT a problem. We have provided standard code to be placed into the flash content html already on your site. This allows the iVo to appear normally.

Q. Why does my site not work in the iVo Test Drive?

  • The iVo Test Drive has limited ability in some cases to show the iVo over a site. In these cases where you do not see the iVo, you can fix by just finding another URL and entering it into the iVo Test Drive.
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