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iVo Technology Elite

The iVo Elite offers complete branding allowing you or your company’s spokesperson to deliver your own message in one of our certified studios right in your local area. The iVo Elite is considered when you wish to use your own star talent, or video spokesperson (yourself) to perform your custom script.

When writing and recording your custom iVo scripts it is very important to be creative and energetic. iVo allows you to give a call to action, so be sure to include that in your script like, "click on our specials tab to learn more...". The sky is the limit when it comes to writing and performing your iVo so be creative! Recommended script length is 30 sec. but cannot exceed 60 sec..

iVo Elite Pricing...

The iVo Elite comes in two different packages depending on the amount of videos you need to record. You can always record a video for future use to keep you website iVo message fresh or use the second iVo for another page.

Your Elite Video Recording Session

Once you purchase your iVo Elite above, one of our iVo Studios will call you to schedule your recording session. You will have up to an hour in the studio so practice ahead of time. Do not wear shiny or patterned clothes as this will cause your iVo to not appear clear. Usually solid colors work best! NO GREEN!

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